Broken hearts and broken dreams.

Ever wake up and think I cannot deal with today, weather your hungover, or you have had some devastating news recently, or you have had your heartbroken, or even just not feeling today? Well for me today doesn’t feel like a Saturday it feels like a Sunday. For a couple of reasons I went out last night and I have work tomorrow (that’s right on a Sunday, sucks). 
So while I am prepping for this imaginary Monday tomorrow I thought I would write another blog post. Even if your feeling crappy, don’t not make an effort with yourself. Because then it shows that you are letting your demons get the better of you.

Like me, swap that pair of jeans for a pair of leggings or some monochrome patterned jogging bottoms. Then swap that shirt or blouse, for a baggy t-shirt or a vintage oversized jumper. Then to finalise the swapping put on a pair of gleaming white trainers instead of that pair of heeled boots or loafers. Still use that usual over the shoulder little handbag, then shove on some indie music (or if your me abit of Tyler the Creator or Drake). And if your still struggling don’t forget that flattering black and white filter on Instagram. And to top it off give a middle finger salute to your demons and enjoy your chilled out comfortable day in style. 


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