When your hair goes right for once.

Trying out a new hairstyle is like trying out a new food. Weather it is a new colour? Length? Bangs or no bangs? You will either love it or hate it, there’s never an inbetween. And I must say, the way I have blow dryed my hair is potentially life changing, and something I’m most certainly going to be using a hell of a lot in the foreseeable future. (So anyone who follows me on insta, beware!!)

I’ve managed to give my hair a natural curl, that isn’t messy and is definitely going to stay throughout the day, without the need for hairspray and or products. And to top it off, the volume is amazing. All I used was Morroccan oil, a hair dryer, and a round hot curling brush. If you haven’t got one of these brushes, you need to get one!! They are amazing.

I know right? I’m talking like I’ve found something knew, and I’m bigging it up like I’m the first person to do this style. Obviously not, as we see it grace the red carpets on our favourite celebrities. But I’m just dumbfounded as to why I haven’t tried this before.


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