Who wears gym gear to the gym? 

Back to work this week after my week off, and how exhausted am I? I feel like I could sleep for England, and I tell you now I would win the gold. There really wouldn’t be a competition, because I know I would win.

Well at work it’s been a hectic week, I’ve spent the whole time merchandising menswear. I’ve given it a fresh new look, ready for the weekend. It’s nice to see the floor styled how I would do it. Even though layout is next week so the whole floor will get changed but that’s no big deal as it won’t be me doing it.

But because of how exhausted I’ve been getting, I’ve been shoving my gym clothes on to go for a run. Then my ass will touch my bed and there has been no moving from that spot. I’ve actually spent all night, every night this week sat there reading the maze runner, hence the morning selfie of me in my sports bra. Don’t judge me.

Anyways, this top is from misguided, and it’s so bloody comfortable if your wanting to wear it to bed. Haha.



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