Peaky Blinders vibe.

So Peaky Blinder is back with series 3. I can’t even explain my excitement of a certain Mr Thomas Shelby, gracing my screen once again. So I thought it was time to show the blogging world my Peaky Blinder shirt. Just kidding, it’s actually a Ralphie. I purchased this off EBay, and what a bargain it was!! Like seriously, eBay is full of many wonderful things. It’s just a case of looking.

So back to the fashion bit. I styled this shirt with some white skinny jeans, caged block heels. Accessorising the shirt with some bright lipstick and a black structured tote. This kind of outfit is perfect for any smart casual outing. Weather it’s s trip to the city for a bit of shopping, or if it’s off to lunch with the girls, or even my personal favourite going for cocktails.

So comment below and tell me how you would style this shirt……. And on that note I will just leave his beautiful face here…

Obviously the photos of the lovely Thomas Shelby isn’t mine.


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