Writers block.

What do you write about when you run out of ideas? That’s what I ask myself every single day, when I put myself in front of a blank New Post template. Constantly trying to figure out what to write about, is not only exhausting but a massive pain in the ass. I want to keep giving you interesting and exciting new posts, but it’s just so hard especially when your stuck in an uninspirational pit of DOOM. So I thought I would take a few weeks out so I could get some inspiration. 

Anyways today I’m feeling pretty good about myself so I thought I would sit down and attempt to write a new post for you. I’m currently in bed munching on minstrels (my diet has completely gone out of the window these past few weeks), I’m listening to acoustic covers and thinking about my future. 

I’m wondering about many things. Where my career is going? A certain bearded man. My potential clothing line, so on and so forth. 

I’m wondering what I will be doing with my life In a years time. If my clothing line will be up and running. If I will still be living in my house share. If so who will I be living with. If I will be single or not (sure as hell hope not). 

Right now I’m pretty determined about this clothing line. And honestly, I think I can achieve something amazing. This plan will be making me 1 step closer to building my own little empire for my future. I can’t wait to share my journey of Tailored Tramps Clothing with you! 

(The name may change, I’m undecided.) 


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