The not so secret life of a sales assistant.

Anyone who works in retail will tell you the worst time of year is sale time. Weather it’s Boxing Day sale or summer sale. As you know I work for River Island and every day has consisted of non-stop jobs and prep for sale, messy up dos, converse and practicall running on rocket fuel ( caffeine, in other words – a hell of a lot of large caramel lattes with an extra shot from starbs).

When your used to doing 6 hours shifts Monday to Friday, but this time of year you find yourself on 9:30 – 7:30 Monday, 10:30 – 7:30 Tuesday, 9 – 8:30 Wednesday. So on and so forth. I mean t his week, my diet has pretty much gone out of the window, due to the stress and the never ending cravings of jacket potatoes with a momentous amount of cheese. And let’s not forget the chocolate brownies ( they are gluten free so they are kind of healthy). I just feel like I could sleep for England. ROLL ON THE WEEKEND.

It is safe to say it has been crazy and I may be exhausted but these fast paced days is exactly what I live for. I am writing this before sale starts, but has now been uploaded as sale started yesterday. So come into your closest store and check it out. Deffo worth the wait with the rails and rails of bargains. Or if you don’t have time have a look online, so far I have bagged myself a cute, black denim skirt with a belt for £15 (not a typo guys)!!


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