Multitasking Mayhem.

You know you have mastered the almost impossible. When your playing with a new app, uploading to tumblr and writing this blog post while listening to electro swing. You guys should check out caravan palace or Parov Stelar, their music is amazing.

There is nothing more tedious than writing the same hashtags over and over for every single photo you upload to tumblr. It can get so bloody boring. So if you don’t want to miss out on a single, post, quote or photo follow me. Because I don’t hashtag everything anymore. I just don’t have time for that kind of commitment guys (Dont judge me). If you have Tumblr, and you like black and white fashion photography, you should check it out ( It is not all my photography, just some of it. 9 times out of 10, I see a photo I love and it’s not in black and white, so I upload it with a black and white filter. As you know black and white is my thing. Black and white goes into my room, my wardrobe and my photography.

Lastly this new app… It’s called Mallzee, it’s a shopping app. It’s abit like tinder but for shopping. So when you are feeling heartbroken, pretty crappy or even just bored, there is nothing better than some retail therapy. Even if it is from the comfort of you own home. So swap the swiping for boys on tinder, to swiping for clothes on Mallzee. They stock brands like Adidas, Mango, Religion, River Island, Topshop ect. The list goes on, as they stock over 150 well known brands on their app.

What I like about this app is I have looked through brands I wouldn’t necessarily look at like, Gap and Forever 21. You forget how nice some of their stuff actually is. Well I do anyways. ¬†Seriously download it and check it out. It’s cool AF and where I’m going to be purchasing my pieces from now on. If you download it and comment and let me know what you think, look forward to hearing from you.

The photo isn’t mine.


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