Fishnet fanatics

A few months ago I wrote about fishnet tights and how I desperately wanted a pair. So I could wear them under my ripped skinnies. Well that time has finally come. Except I have also been rocking them cool AF fishnet socks. They have given my outfit a layered look and anedge that apparently not everyone can pull off. I think that is a lie. You just need to be willing to take the plunge and have the balls to do so.

I brought mine from River Island. But you can get them from a few places. Above you can see how I styled each item. The socks, I teamed with ripped MOM jeans, superstars, a plain black cotton bodysuit and a bomber jacket. The tights in the other hand I wore with black ripped skinnies, boots, a t-shirt and my leather jacket. In my opinion both of the  were executed perfectly. Even if I did get a hole in my tights after less than 3 hours of wearing them. That’s right, not even 3 hours.

Anyways here is how other people have styled their outfits with fishnets. Enjoy……

Some of these photos aren’t mine.


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