AW16 Boots Wishlish.

Nothing I love more than when the weather gets colder. Normal people look forward to Christmas, cuddling up infront of a fire, hot chocolate, and wearing woolly jumpers. Don’t get me wrong I look forward to all of that. But the main thing I look forward to is being able to wear all black and it be socially acceptable. Not that I care as I pretty much wear all black anyways.
And what’s better, boot season is back! And just to top it off my Wishlish is massive. No change here. Anyways these are some of my favourite boots of the Autumn/Winter16 so far…..

Givenchy – £926Acne Studios – £390Givenchy – £770 Acne Studios – £ – £35Chloe – £ – £ – £50

I know they are all black. Typical me, right? These are only a selected few. I have a huge list of boots straight from designers and the high street brands.

These photos aren’t mine.


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