Make up for ears? Hell no! 

Day in and day out the people of planet Earth seem to do weird shit all the time. Like sweets that make you drink smoke or even . But make up for your ears makes me question humanity. Like I’ve gotten used to the weird obsession with Kimmy K’s is ass. Also the eyebrows that look like Nike ticks and why people would want that on their face.

But seriously make up for your ears is beginning to take the biscuits.  The whole make up for ears thing actually started at Paris fashion week in 2014. But for some reason the designers have decided to give the make up for ears another go, and average people have now been sporting the look. Yes, the look is affective on the catwalk but needs to remain on the catwalk.

People need to put the make up brushes down and stick to decorating their ears with earrings. Please for the love of God.

These photos aren’t mine.


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