Who wore it better?

If you want to get into the whole vibe I’m into writing this post, listen to Rack City by Tyga. Don’t ask why, I’ve just found this play list on Spotify called Rap Workout, and if you like that kind of music it is perfect. Not necessarily for this post but still.

Anyways back to the post, who wore it better? Lucy Williams or Camille Charrière? That is the question.

This may be a little bias, but being one of my favourite bloggers (if not my favourite), Camille has styled this jumper in her own unique way. She combines her parisienne style with typical London chic. She is in her own league when In comes to styling. However, Miss Williams dresses more like me. She layers like a pro, and lives in boots and trainers. Both styles are very similar. But based on the way this jumper has been styled, my vote goes to Camille Charrièr. Based simply on the colours in her outfit. A pet hate of mine is mixing black and blue (yes, this does include any form of black and any form of blue denim). Unfortunately Lucy Williams, commits this crime. I also love that Charrièr, accessorised with a bag that is the same colour as her jumper. Who do you think wins. Would love to hear your votes.

This jumper is from Ganni and it is £280. And how it is worth every penny. I think this jumper is beautiful. Although I wouldn’t wear this colour, it is also avalible in grey. Here is how I would style it…

Jumper – Ganni

Jeans – River Island

Shoes – Park And James

Bag – River Island

So yeah that is how I would style it…….

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The photos used in this post aren’t mine.


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