Stella Mccartney’s – The Uncanny Valley.

There is no bigger voice that can change a movement like art, music or fashion. But what happens if you team at least 2 of these together. You get something amazing. And this is exactly what Stella McCartney and surrealist artist, Phillippa Price has achieved.

Now if you aren’t into that psychedelic stuff or even clowns, this video is in no way for you. Set in the Nevada Desert, at the Clown Motel. This area was originally used as a nuclear testing site in the 40’s. Staring models Megan Nison and Bradley Soileau. Showcasing the brands resort and inaugural men’s collections. This film is the first of many to come. It is the beginning of a series called #StellaBy. Where a collection some of the most exciting artists that are about today are invited to reinterpret the collections.

What I like about film is that it reminds me of one of my favourite TV Series, American Horror Story. It’s like freak show with the high end fashion of Hotel. I can’t wait to see what the rest of #StellaBy produces. To see the video¬†click here.


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