Morning mayhem 

Nothing says yay it’s time for work, like arriving to work an hour and a half early because your buses and your shift at work don’t completely add up… so I’m sat here this morning trying to think of something to do. Like do I go to Greggs and get a coffee and pastry. Or do I stay here and starve myself as I trying to lay off the crap, especially at this stage of pregnancy. I will not be no fat pregnant person.

So, that first paragraph was written 20 minutes ago. That whole coffee and pastry thing went out the window. I went with a bacon and sausage breakfast bap. Like what the hell is that about, what is wrong with me? But on the bright side, I’m making plans with my breakfast bap of fatty goodness.

So today I am gracing the streets if Shrewsbury in my mango jumper with my H&M maternity jeans, with my gold River Island boots, finishing my outfit with my Zara biker jacket. This outfit is to give me comfort and warmth while looking cool as hell …..


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