Planning a bedroom around a bed. 

Most people use a colour scheme as a starting point. But oh no not me, I’ve started mine from a bed. I then have 50 days, to get the bedroom decorated in time for the baby and for the bed to arrive. So here goes….

I have picked one of the most unme beds going. It’s clean, classy and reminds me of one of those posh hotels with mega cosy interior. You know one like these….

I am a girl who loved quirky, rustic and Scandinavian interior. Also the colour black. So the past few days I have practically been living on Pinterest to find the perfect bedroom inspo. I have found so many images and bedrooms that I am in complete and utterly in love with and I think you will too. If you want to see the whole board, Click here.

I will continue to update the board for you, so give me a follow so you can be updated with that.


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