My pregnancy summer haul,

In the space of a few months , I have gone from the girl who wastes her whole monthly wage on partying and new clothes, to the girl who refuse to buy anything that I don’t need, that includes clothes.

But recently I’ve have to allow myself to buy a few items. Based on the fact, I have absolutely nothing to wear. Nothing fits my beachball belly. It’s not as if I’m a big pregnant person either, as I’m still wearing size 8. I just don’t have a lot of simmer clothes anyway, so the fact I’m pregnant just makes everything 10 times harder. I didn’t want to spent too much money because the bits might not even look nice after I’ve given birth. So here is my mini summer pregnancy haul…

Black and white stripey skirt – Primark £5

Grey peplum sleeve, smock dress – Primark reduced from £8 to £3

White and black tie back maxi dress – Primark £8

Zara smock dress with shorts underneath – Zara £25.99

Like I said I didn’t want to spend too much money. These items were only brought last Saturday, so they are still avalible for you to purchase. Keep an eye out on my Instagram (@tailored_tramps), to see how I plan on styling them.


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