Oh choker

One of my all time favourite accessories to wear with any outfit, is a choker. Doesn’t matter if your going on a night out, or even going for lunch with your family. Whatever the occasion, a choker is my go to accessory. I’m not the only one. Bloggers like Danielle Bernstein, Julie Sariñana and Aimee Song are all massive fans of the choker. You can make any outfit sparkle with one, so why not treat yourself?

Oh Choker is currently in sale, but they will be uploading more lines to the site soon. You can keep up to date with this on their Instagram. Plus I have a little treat for you, if you use the code tailored_tramps you can get 15% off your order. Nothing like bagging yourself yourself a statement choker for an absolute steal. Click here to be linked to their site.

All the photos used on this post has been taken off @ohchokers Instagram.


One comment

  1. I adore chokers but never feel brave enough to wear them – a lot the time I feel like my outfits don’t meet their glamourous standards! Would love one of these thick diamond-y ones though!


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